Smart Lamp Tanning Lamp - 200 Watt - VHO FR74 VHO *12 MIN* HEX Reflector - LP

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Smart Lamp Tanning Lamp - 200 Watt - VHO FR74 VHO *12 MIN* HEX Reflector - LP.

Low pressure tube replacement tanning lamps for business and residential applications.

To determine which lamp will perform best refer to the sticker on your tanning unit. The OEM sticker will tell you the original lamp and determines which FDA compatible lamps can be used in your bed.

Tanning Buyers Group offers low cost FDA compliant lamps for any tanning unit.

Compatibility charts available for all lamp brands please contact us if you need compatibility information.

FREIGHT is determined by which lamp is ordered - per our policy - and where the lamp will be shipped.

When ordering please consider freight costs. Lamps must ship in a case or box which is quite large. We require a minimum of 6 lamps per box due to breakage concerns. A total of 24 lamps can fit in a box so when planning a relamp it is best to consider increments of 24 and avoid small numbers and extra boxes as we believe freight is a significant cost concern for our clients. Consolidation of orders is best practice.

We will contact you via email with a freight quote prior to shipment. You MUST approve the freight quote in advance of shipment. We will hold all non-approved shipments until such time as we have written confirmation from you.

  • Manufactured by: Smart Lamp