Baja Beach - Btl - Tanning Lotion By Tan Inc

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Baja Beach200X Beach-Ready™ BronzerAdvanced Plateau Busting & Tattoo Enhancing SerumBaja Beach is tanning mecca, a sea of perfect bronzeand beautiful bodies. This 200X bronzer is no exception and will have you flaunting your finest assets with complete confidence.Do you like attention? Even in the crowd your darkness will demandadmiration, eye-catching color complementedwith magical skin toning is love at first sight. Moments like this never last, so enjoy every minute of the bronze limelight!• Plateau-Busting 200X Bronzers elicit your darkest tan yet• Beach-Ready™ Bakuchoil tightens & tones, as showing more skin is in•Lush Hemp Seed Oil conditions for an optimal base• Tigergrass Tattoo Complex lets your ink shine bright• DHA-freeFragrance: Kiwi Mojito

  • Manufactured by: Tan Inc