Tanning lamps are used in commercial and home tanning equipment. Tanning Buyers Group is a tanning lamp distributor that carries a wide variety of tanning lamps at industry bed pricing. We ship out of multiple warehouses and can often offer best pricing for your tanning bulb needs.
Tanning lamps are made by two major manufacturers. Wolff and Cosmedico brands are made in Germany and have the highest quality in the industry and are most frequently rated as original equipment in most tanning beds. This lamp maker will have the makers logo on them, wolff or cosmedico, as well as a country of origin of Germany. The other maker is Lightsources and they manufacture in Hungary. Lightsources lamps are sold under dozens of private label brand names. We carry several Lightsources brands such as AUVL, Brilliance, Radiance, Ergoline, New Technology, Genesis, and more. If your brand is not on the list we can still exactly match your current lamp should you wish to retain it as you like its results.
Tanning lamp wattages vary based on the equipments installed ballast rating. A tanning bed with 160 watt ballasts throughout will use 160 watt tanning lamps. Wattages can range from 8 watts all the way up to over 2,000 watts depending on the application.
Tube style low pressure lamps. Most of us are used to lighting fixtures common in many stores today. The fixtures use a tube style fluorescent lamp. A similar tube style is used for lower wattage lamps in tanning beds that emit UV tanning rays. This tube style uv tanning lamp can be a variety of lengths and installation types. Commonly lamps will have a bi-pin lampend. A bi-pin lamp will have two prongs or pins mounted in a metal cap on each end. A less common style is an RDC lamp end. And RDC lampend will have a flat surface with two flat metal areas that plug into compatible lamp holders.
Another type of tanning lamp is a high pressure facial of power lamp. The high pressure lamps will always be mounted behind a protective diffuser glass. The diffuser glass is made to filter the UV output of the high pressure lamp and diffuse it across the area of the diffuser glass. This type of lamp is normally quite powerful in exceed of 400 watts and will have near immediate negative impact should you run such a powerful lamp without its filter glass. So the filter glass are required to have safety switches to prevent accidental overexposure to UV.
Now that we have discussed lamps it is important to note that if you are unclear which lamp to order we provide free compatibility matching and compliance charts for your tanning unit. This service will eliminate the chance of getting the wrong lamp and will get you the information needed should your unit be in a location that requires compliance documentation for a given tanning unit.
So what kind of lamp do you need? This information can be found on your manufacturers sticker located on the bed. If you can't find the lamp information we can use our databases to determine what lamps can be used based on if you are relamping a home tanning bed or relamping a tanning bed in a tanning salon or health club.
We offer great pricing and can get you an exact match to your current lamp or source you a higher quality lamp when possible. Feel free to send us an email or give us a call so we can price quote your tanning bed relamping project
NOTE: Currently manufacturers are experiencing delays on various SKUs please plan accordingly and allocate for such fluctuations by ordering more frequently or deepening inventory levels of essential SKUs.
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