Indoor tanning lotion for use during tanning bed sessions and available in bottles and packets. Tanning Buyers Group is tanning lotion distributor and an authorized supplier for manufacturers like Designer Skin, Devoted Creations, Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty and Supre. Carrying all the latest tanning lotion releases as well as a full inventory of bronzing tanning lotions, intensifiers and tingles.

Indoor tanning lotion is used to enhance your tanning results when you tan in a tanning bed or tanning booth. Formulated with moisturizers and ingredients that have shown faster tanning results, using a tanning lotion produces a more even, faster and darker result. Tanning lotions come in various formulas and scents and fall into four primary categories. Accelerator Intensifiers which enhance the tanning results and are the basis for every tanning lotion. Bronzers are often added to tanning lotion to provide an instant cosmetic bronze appearance to the user to show immediate results when you exit your tanning session. Tingle which may or may not be combined with bronzer add in a skin activator which tingles the skin and tends to bring more blood flow to the surface of the skin when in use and this is believed to be a plateau breaking type of lotion. Cooling is a less popular option which cools your skin during and after and some people enjoy that.

Another common additive in some lotions is DHA. DHA is the active ingredient in sunless tanning products because over the following 24 hours of application it will bring a browning to the skin through a chemical reaction. These results can last several days and the intensity of the results is related to the concentration of this additive. Regardless which type of lotion you prefer there is no doubt it enhances the tanning result and can even break plateaus you may have reached indoor or outdoor tanning. Always remember to tan in moderation and never burn yourself.

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