CACTUS CABANA BRONZER Tanning Lotion By Devoted Creations - Bottle

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  • Manufactured by: Devoted Creations

Golden Hour Indoor/Outdoor
Bronzing Fusion
Spiked with Electrolyte
Rich Cactus Water
Youth Boosting Agave and a Mirage
of Miracle Mega Moisturize Agents

Indoor/Outdoor DHA Bronzer
Color Correcting BB Crème Formula
Electrolyte Rich Cactus Water
Skin Hydrating Ceramides
Targeted Anti-Aging & Firming
Color Balancing Mel[o]stem™
Glowing Antioxidant Vitamin C Blend
Marine Bio Retinol
Tattoo & Color Fade Protecting
After Tan Odor Eliminators
Kiwi & Cactus Water Fragrance

Indoor/Outdoor Bronzing Blend – Low levels of DHA combined with high levels of natural bronzers
allow the skin to develop natural, long lasting bronzed results in the salon or in the sun.
BB Crème Formula – Will hydrate the skin and mask imperfections while leaving an
airbrushed, flawless result.
Marine Bio Retinol – Suitable for sensitive skin, this blend contains a retinol alternative to deliver
outstanding targeted delivery into the skin to help fight hyperpigmentation and soften wrinkles.
Cactus Water – High in nutrients, vitamins and electrolytes, Cactus Water helps to regulate moisture
levels in the skin while assisting with repairing and protecting the skin from environmental aggressors
keeping it firm, radiant & healthy.
Ceramide Complex – Essential fatty acids that help to replenish the skin’s lipid levels by protecting against
moisture loss and restoring a healthy natural skin barrier.
Superox C™ – A specialty derived blend of Kakadu Plum known as one of the world’s richest sources of
Vitamin C, Superox C is a potent antioxidant and contains micronutrient benefits that help to protect against
environmental damage.
Tiger Grass™ – Color correcting ingredient that reduces redness and helps protect skin from environmental
stress and blemishes.
Mel[O]stem™ - The first new plant derived active ingredient that has been clinically found to improve the skin’s
complexion and signs of aging by targeting sun spots of the skin for a better color balance.
Agave Extracts – Helps to tighten sagging skin and soothing any inflammation while keeping the skin moisturized.
Tattoo & Color Fade Protectors – Protects the color and luster of your tattoos and tanning results.
FreshTek™ – Proprietary blend of deodorizing and skin freshening ingredients.

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