Snooki Brunch So Hard Black Bronzer - Btl - Tanning Lotion By Supre

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  • Manufactured by: Supre
Brunch So Hard™
Vitamin C Black Bronzer
Product Story:
Good friends, good laughs, and even better tans make for a perfect weekend
brunch. Snooki’s Brunch So Hard Vitamin C Black Bronzer will have your girlfriends
wanting to know all your secrets for bronze beautiful skin. A potent Antioxidant
blend combining Coffee Bean, Champagne and Tomato Extract helps keep you
looking fresh by brightening your skin tone and rejuvenating any luster you might
you have lost. We all want to look and feel great, this is one secret it’s okay to share.
Features & Benefits:
• Black Bronzers combined with rich blend of instant and delayed bronzers
for immediate color that continues to develop after UV exposure.
• HyperDark™ Tanning Technology combined with a powerful blend of
Natural Bronzers helps enhance your tanning session delivering dramatically
dark streak free color.
• Antioxidant Blend of Coffee Bean, Champagne and Tomato Extract help
to even out skin tone and camouflage imperfections while allowing your
flawless radiance to shine through.
• Tattoo ColorShield Technology™ combines essential Minerals, Aloe Vera and
Algae to help maintain the color and vibrancy of tattoos.
Additional Selling Points:
• Vitamins A, C and E
• Erythrulose
• Skin Nourishing Oil & Extracts
• Paraben Free
• Gluten Free
• Odor Shield Technology
Fragrance: Pink Sugar
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