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  • Manufactured by: Devoted Creations

Power packed with 12 essential functions to hydrated and perfect. FitBurn FB 12 Utilizes research driven Intenslim™ which works as a natural fat burner to appear to Firm, Tone, Tighten & Lift the skin. Natural cooling agents act like a cool treatment. Added ingredients that appear to Detoxify, Reduce, Fit & Burn. Remarkable Karatoline™ provides gentle exfoliation to Contour, Sculpt, Shape & Smooth the look of the skin. Formulated for those who seek Fast, Instant and Toned Results!

• Amplifies Fitness Results
• Full body Detoxifiers
• Cryo-Slimming Cooling Sensation
• Intenslim™ Fat Burners
• ISO-Slim™ Technology
• AHA Exfoliation Alterative
• May Help Prevents fat formation
• Cellulite Fighter and Contouring Agents
• Improves Skins Hydration
• Antioxidants, Vitamins & Nutrients
• Fresh & Clean Fragrance
• Intenslim™ - Works as a natural fat burner while also strengthening the elastin in the skin.
• Cryo-Slimming Frescolat™ - Helps to cool and refresh the skin without the use of menthol.
• Keratoline™ - An AHA alternative, Keratoline gently exfoliates to reveal youthful,
and toned skin.
• Carnitine – An oil absorbing amino acid that assists in decreasing oil production as well as
helps to assist in breaking down fat accumulation
• Aquaxyl™ - Helps to quench extreme skin dehydration allowing for a softer and
more hydrated appearance.
• ISO-Slim™ - Works as a slimming and anti-cellulite agent while also assisting in the
breakdown of fat cells.
• Green Tea Extracts – Rich in antioxidants to help ward off free radical damage.
• Grape Seed Extracts – Helps to boost collagen production and works to even out
skins tone and texture.
• Vitamins A & C – Power packs the skin with natural vitamins and nutrients for a more
perfected appearance of the skin.

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