Foot Covers - 150ct - Support Product

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  • Manufactured by: Sunshine

Elastic pulls shoe cover in around top of foot for better fit. Made from polypropylene. These are very generously sized and will fit most needs. Opening can stretch to approximately 16" heel to toe. 150/Pk

1. Prevent contamination
Disposable Shoe Covers are discarded after leaving the work environment or operating room. By throwing them away immediately after potential exposure to harmful substances, the risk of cross contamination is minimized.

2. Help maintain a sterile environment
Disposable Shoe Covers and Boot Covers are used to prevent outside contaminants from shoes impacting a sterile environment or transmitting contaminants from an isolation environment out to other areas of the healthcare setting.

3. Low cost
Single use Shoe and Boot Covers are typically made from nonwoven materials that provide excellent barrier protection and are lightweight with non-slip bottom treads. The nonwoven materials makes the use of disposable Covers economically viable for medical facilities.

4. They don't wear down over time
Reusable Covers will wear down over time with repeated use and laundering. Disposable Shoe Covers are ready to go every time you need them

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