COMPETITION TAN BLACK OUT - 34oz - Airbrush Spray Tan Solution By Norvell

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  • Manufactured by: Norvell
Norvell Premium Sunless Tanning Solution - Competition Tan Black Out
34 fl. oz.

Developed specifically for competition and stage use.

Your client has trained endless hours, carefully fueled their bodies from the inside and now itís time for their outer color to shine! Norvell Blac Out allows to step to the stage with confidence. Forged for a first place finish, Black Out combines the latest in sunless technology with advanced science for total golden success. Itís time for Judgement, is your customer armed to win? Help them bring home the Gold!

Designed for body builders and anyone who wants to accentuate specific areas of the body.
Cosmetic bronzers wash away with rinse while DHA continues to develop.
Warm water rinse wait time : 12- 24 Hours
Fragrance: Raspberry Almond
For Competitive/Stage Tanning, multiple applications or sessions may be necessary to achieve desired color.
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