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  • Manufactured by: UWE
I-Sun UWE New Tanning Equipment
A perfect tan with an eye on the budget

Everything works perfectly here: iSUN is the first medium-range sunbed to offer design and technology in the high-end segment. A perfect tan for the studio customer – an economic price for the operator. And iSUN can be complemented perfectly with features such as Aroma, Breeze and iCOOL with air conditioning. And all of this can be rounded off by an individual studio look because iSUN also offers the iCOLOR concept. iSUN – the sunbed you can rely on!

Canopy configuration Swing: 26 x 160 W, 6 x 250 W POWERSPOT XTT: 26 x 100 W, 3 x 600 W XTT or 26 x 160 W, 3 x 600 W XTT CPS: 20 x 120 W, 36 x UPP 25 W or 20 x 180 W, 36 x UPP 25 W

Bench configuration 18 x 100 W or 18 x 160 W

Shoulder tanner configuration 2 x 250 W POWERSPOT

Size (L x D x H) 228 x 134 x 139 cm (closed canopy; depth incl. exhaust channel) 228 x 134 x 185 cm (open canopy)

Minimum cubicle size recommended 240 x 220 cm

Height incl. exhaust channel 238 cm

Hose diameter of exhaust channel 300 mm

Minimum air discharge rate 1.500 m3/h

Weight SWING: 476 kg, XTT: 486 kg, CPS: 498 kg

Power consumption (incl. iCOOL) SWING: 11,6 kW | XTT 100 / 160: 10,6 kW | XTT 160 / 160: 11,6 kW | CPS: 7,7 kW

Electrical connection 400 V 3N~PE 50 Hz

Fuse protection SWING: 3 x 20 A (K20) XTT/CPS: 3 x 16 A (K16)

Design/Color snow metallic/iCOLOR

49 total lamps
Electronic ballast
Air-conditioned lounge acrylic
Shoulder/neck tanners
High pressure/low pressure canopy configuration
Misty Breeze®-body mist

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